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What is DefaultVeg?

DefaultVeg is an international partnership between three organisations; The UK Food Plan, CreatureKind and The Better Food Foundation. Each partner shares the goal to change the way organisations think about and source their food.

DefaultVeg is run in the UK by the UK Food Plan and led in United States by The Better Food Foundation.

Find out more about the DefaultVeg partners and their reasons for being a part of the project.

The idea is simple – whenever your organisation provides food, it is vegetarian and vegan.

UK Food Plan

The UK Food Plan is working alongside people from all sectors to make vegetarian and vegan options available for everyone. Mirroring these goals, DefaultVeg is an opportunity for organisations to provide more plant based options to employees, students and visitors, which is why we support it.

The Better Food Foundation (BFF)

BFF supports dietary change initiatives to build a healthy, equitable, environmentally sustainable, and kinder food system.

BFF supports DefaultVeg because it offers organisations the chance to reduce their meat intake which in turn reduces the pressure on agricultural systems, making food production more sustainable.

CreatureKind is a faith-based organisation whose mission is to encourage Christians to recognise faith-based reasons for caring about the wellbeing of fellow animal creatures.

One of their four goals is to seek commitments from organisations to a new approach regarding their sourcing and consumption of animal products.

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In the UK, DefaultVeg is run by the UK Food Plan, a project of the Vegetarian Society.

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