A free opportunity for your organisation to show you’re leading the way in making sustainable choices for our planet.

What is DefaultVeg?

The idea is simple – whenever your organisation provides food, it is vegetarian and vegan. Individuals who want a meat or fish option can request one, so no one feels like they’ve had their choices limited. It’s that easy!

DefaultVeg is a free opportunity for your organisation to show you’re leading the way in making sustainable choices for our planet.

By adopting DefaultVeg your organisation can:

  • Lead the way in making sustainable choices for our planet
  • Meet Corporate Responsibility targets
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Cater for everyone sustainably
  • Demonstrate your responsiveness to current issues

Once you’ve adopted DefaultVeg, you’ll receive:

  • The DefaultVeg badge to add to your website and materials
  • A DefaultVeg certificate to display at your organisation
  • An invite to be featured on the DefaultVeg website and social media

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In the UK, DefaultVeg is run by the UK Food Plan, a project of the Vegetarian Society.

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You’ll receive:

  • DefaultVeg guide – to help get the conversation started at your organisation
  • DefaultVeg template policy – to make DefaultVeg a formal policy across your business
  • Occasional news and updates from DefaultVeg and The UK Food Plan
Red Peppers

DefaultVeg is an easy way for your organisation to show that it is taking action for the environment. You’ll be opting for a kinder more sustainable way of sourcing your food without limiting anyone’s choice.

Meat and fish production is scientifically proven to be a big contributor to environmental problems1. DefaultVeg is a simple way your organisation can act for the climate by cutting back on meat and fish.

Providing more plant-based meals helps you meet your environmental Corporate Responsibility targets. As an employer, you will be offering the many health and lifestyle benefits that can come from eating more vegetarian and vegan food.

Who’s in?

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